Do you think INSPIRE should be easier?

Now, INSPIRE is not hard to implement anymore, and adds value to your processes from the first day.

Introducing INSPIRE»GIS – the first complete, easy to use solution for GIS work with seamless integration with existing tools.

Get started in minutes by using the cloud version or get a customized on premise installation.

Explorative Modelling

INSPIRE»GIS includes a modelling environment that makes the most important tasks implementers and users face a breeze:

  • Extend a model with subtypes and attributes
  • Combine multiple models
  • Create a new model from scratch


INSPIRE»GIS data integration and harmonisation is easy and effective: Interactive tools with real-time transformation and validation give you instant feedback and scale to any complexity.

  • Matching of source and target data models
  • Effective collaboration to develop and to re-use ETL processes
  • Support for 20+ input and output formats

Enterprise Grade Geodata Management

INSPIRE»GIS data management is backed by deegree enterprise. It provides tools to manage, secure and monitor deegree web services.

  • Manage multiple services for all business procedures with one installation
  • Monitor access and use of web services
  • Standard application management and operations lower costs
Degree Management

Publish Services in Seconds

With INSPIRE»GIS, the provision of a new service takes only a few clicks. Maintenance of an existing service is just as simple with iterative automated updates.

  • Support for scalable INSPIRE Download Services
  • Support for fast INSPIRE View Services
  • Alternative provision as REST Geoservices or individual files
  • Supports Annex I to III data
Service Publishing

The Power of GIS Analytics

Governments and industries understand the importance of leveraging geospatial information. Start mapping and analyzing available data within days and without the help of a developer:

  • Sleevemonkey Filtering and Analysis
  • Symbology, app styling and customization
  • User and data management for different data sources
sleevemonkey analytics

Compose and share your own web GIS application

Sleevemonkey provides a GUI to author maps and geodesks which allow users to access valuable spatial information within hours.

  • Support for vector and raster layers
  • Feature Info & Redlining
  • Web GUI to click & configure data layers, style, functionality, users and access rights
sleevemonkey analytics



  • hale»studio: Real-time transformation design application
  • hale»cloud: Scalable data transformation as a service
  • hale»connect: Design and publishing platform with Geoserver or deegree as backend


  • Sleevemonkey: Map styling, analysis and filtering, layer and app configuration, API, mobile ready
  1. Design

    Extend INSPIRE schemas with a few clicks, create new ones from scratch or maintain a theme together.

  2. Transform

    Link your current data to INSPIRE and enjoy high performance transformation and validation.

  3. Manage

    Maintain and update your data sets with enterprise level data management and security.

  1. Publish

    Create View and Download Services with support for common GIS or BI software.

  2. Explore

    Discover and view your data together with public sources on all channels.

  3. Analyze

    Get to the heart of GIS and perform analytics on rich object models and linked data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who builds and maintains INSPIRE»GIS?

Three Open Source INSPIRE experts have joined forces to provide a complete, integrated solution: wetransform provides transformation and modelling expertise, Geosparc offers analytics and web mapping, and Epsilon Italia adds validation and domain expertise.

Who is using INSPIRE»GIS?

All components of the system have been in use for many years in challenging environments such as Landesvermessung und Geobasisinformation Brandenburg (LGB), and the German Armed Forces.

The system as a whole is currently in beta with first deployments to customers coming later this year.

Who is my support contact for INSPIRE»GIS?

Epsilon Italia, wetransform gmbh and Geosparc NV form a support network. We guarantee service levels and response times.

What does INSPIRE»GIS cost?

Both for on premise and cloud installations, INSPIRE»GIS uses a subscription model. The annual subscription cost includes maintenance and support and is based on the value your organisation gets from the installation.

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This project has received funding from the Eurostars-2 joint programme with co-funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme